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Reconnect Hungary is a unique cultural, educational and social immersion program for young adults of Hungarian heritage.

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Devoted to maintaining ethnic identity since 1976, the birthright trip is organized by the New York-based Hungarian Human Rights Foundation. The program provides the gift of a peer-group heritage and cultural immersion trip to Hungary for Hungarian-North American young adults between the ages of 18 and 28 who want to strengthen their personal Hungarian identity through connection to the country, culture and heritage. Every summer, groups of individually selected young Hungarian-Americans/Canadians begin a two-week journey of rediscovery together. They learn about their Hungarian roots—culture, traditions and history—in the 21st century.

Included in your copayment is: all preparatory information, round-trip airfare between New York and Budapest, accommodations and meals, as well as two weeks of programs, which include educational lectures, meetings with business leaders and visits to government offices and cultural attractions. The Program also offers optional post-trip excursions and events: Transylvania (for an additional fee) for those who want to delve deeper and connect with the largest Hungarian minority community outside of Hungary (find out more about ReConnect Transylvania), Reconnect Hungary Service Project (no additional fee).

Reconnect Hungary helps young Hungarian-Americans/Canadians understand the meaning of their heritage and its importance to North America and the world. They gain a deeper understanding of their Hungarian heritage while enjoying a living culture: through the lens of young Hungarians, participants look to Hungary’s future, while learning about the country’s rich history, global contributions and accomplishments. With unmatched access to decision-makers and industry leaders, they will see first-hand the trends, innovations and ingenuity driving the country today.

Throughout the program you are able to expand your connection to the land and people of Hungary, deepen your personal commitment of your Hungarian heritage, and find a community that is vibrant and spans continents. Hungary may be the land of your ancestors, but it is also on the cutting edge of ideas, technology, inventions, music and art.

The program gives you the tools to strengthen your dual identity and integrate into a larger Hungarian community. It consists of three phases: pre-trip preparation, a two-week birthright trip, and joining the Reconnected Participants community.

Reconnect Hungary – Hungarian Birthright Program is a public-private partnership supported by Hungarian American and Canadian organizations and the Government of Hungary.