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Lake Balaton... Langos, gulyas, strudel, ice cream.

Explore Hungary's best summer location with us! Visit Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Europe.

Lake Balaton is affectionately called the "Hungarian Sea" and millions of people come here every summer to enjoy the magnificent lake surrounded by volcanic hills, resort towns and all it's natural beauty.

The ReConnect Hungary participants visit Lake Balaton every year on their birthright trip. This summer, they experienced a typical Hungarian vacation day, starting in Tihany during the annual lavender festival, touring the Tihany Abbey, swimming in the lake close to the Tihany Abbey, and eating giant langos. The next stop was a visit to the Balogh Family winery in Pecsely, where they were treated to delicious wines, bogracs gulyas for dinner and homemade strudel. They visited the Zador Castle ruins through the fields and forests in jeeps making stops to see Hungarian long-horned steer (szurkemarha) and help the local farmers move bales of hay (a surprise for the farmers). The last stop for the day was in Veszprem, a beautiful city near Lake Balaton.

ReConnect Hungary Tip:

Although there are so many amazing beaches and towns along the lake and we do LOVE everything about Lake Balaton- Tihany is our favorite place to visit. It is approximately 2 hours away from Budapest, and there are millions of things to do and see. The view of the lake from the Benedictine Abbey is stunning and the museum is truly interesting. Don't miss the Lavender House or the Paprika House, and treat yourself to lots of really good ice cream (especially lavender).


ReConnect Hungary participants enjoying the view in Tihany

Sarah Carroll, RH ‘18

The program helped me not only to come close to my ancestry, but find myself and a path for my future...

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Mark Czeisler, RH'18

ReConnect Hungary is a fantastic way for young adults of Hungarian heritage to learn.

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Madison Fritz, RH'18

The program provides a network of Hungarian people, who can all share something.

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