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Mangalica Festival Budapest (February 8-10, 2019)

Mangalica, or the curly haired hog, is a unique pig indigenous to Hungary.


A pig that not only looks adorable wrapped in its sheep-like fleece, but produces meat so good it has been hailed as the “kobe beef of pork”. The rare breed with a 200-year-old Hungarian heritage has become quite the rage in top chef’s kitchens around the world. The breed on the verge of extinction not long ago is now revered for highly marbleized meat and intensely concentrated flavor. A high monosaturated fat content make the pork ideal for curing and charcuterie and when it comes to cooking, Mangalica pork is equally prized for the tender juicy meat it produces.

The first Mangalica festival in Budapest took place in 2007 to promote Mangalica products and to provide a platform for the breeders. Since then the festival has become one of the largest gastro events that both locals and tourists look forward to each February. The Festival takes place in center city at the Szabadság tér which is in the Parliament neighborhood, district V. Admission and tasting are free. Put on your sheep-like fleece coat and head over to enjoy the festivities.


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