Scholarship Program Application

3. Select your obligations

By participating in the ReConnect Hungary program, you commit to fulfilling certain pre and post-trip obligations as detailed in our Terms & Conditions.

- Volunteering a minimum of 80 hours at a Hungarian-American/Canadian organization between March 2021 and June 2022. 
- Completing the Essentials of Hungary: A Primer and Introduction Online Course, participating in at least one moderated chat session on current-day topics in Hungary, and activily contributing to your group presentation:
- Providing a testimonial and a blog post of the ReConnect Hungary website.
- Participating in a collaborative task force (detailed below) with your peers and submitting individual/joint quarterly reports about your activities and achievements.
- Completing at least one individual activity (see Terms & Conditions for complete listing) that grows the program and/or your Hungarian knowledge. These include having an article or interview with you published in a local paper or social media site, or broadcast on local radio/TV; referring 2 applicants for the 2022 program who are accepted; organizing a local meet-up; getting a business sponsor for the Program; organizing a ReConnect Hungary fundraising event; completing the coursework for at least one year in a Hungarian language class.
- Participating in a collaborative task force (detailed below) with your peers and submitting individual/joint quarterly reports about your activities and achievements

For now, you are asked to review the description of each task force’s area of responsibility and select one on your application according to your interests:

  Promotions, Publicity, Marketing, Social Media
• Promote the program and recruit applicants in conventional and novel ways, in various venues, across all media and platforms (e.g., high school guidance counselors, college scholarship departments, libraries, bulletin boards). 
• Design and disseminate new promotional materials, including items and gear for sale. 
• Get in touch with local media (TV, radio, Internet, print) and offer them content, an interview, or prepare a PSA they can air/print. 
• Blog in the Community section (participants' post) of the website and post updated testimonials.
• Represent the Program at Hungarian festivals.

Fundraising and Sponsorship Drive
• Organize fundraising events benefiting the Program, such as alumni telethon, crowd-funding campaign, dining for a cause at restaurants. 
• Convince an existing Hungarian event to donate part of its proceeds to the Program. 
• Encourage employer matching contributions on the part of family and friends. 
• Research grant opportunities for educational/cultural programs like ours.
• Convince local businesses or organizations to be a program sponsor in exchange for publicity in our promotional materials and online. 
• Get a business to offer the Program a percentage of profit from a sale or service. 
• Encourage a business or organization to sponsor the full cost of one, or a specific participant.

 ReConnected Participants Relations and Local Meetups
• Organize an informational event about the Program in a local venue such as a library, campus, popular hang-out. 
• Form a local regular meet-up event for peers.
• Assist the class president. Organize alumni events locally and nationally. Keep alumni involved. 
• Post weekly on RH Alumni FB page and the main, public RH Facebook and Instagram page. Regularly post on social media about the Program, Hungarian-related issues, events, etc.

Forming/Joining a Hungarian Club on Your Campus
• Assume active leadership if one already exists. Form a new club if one does not exist.


Madison Jones, RH'19

I got a more thorough experience of Hungarian culture than if I would have traveled by myself...

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Mark Czeisler, RH'18

ReConnect Hungary is an exceptional opportunity to discover aspects of your past...

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Allison Dempsey, RH'17

It's nearly impossible for me to summarize Reconnect Hungary 2017 in just a few words...

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