All ReConnected Participants

All ReConnected Participants

Are you curious who went on ReConnect Hungary so far? Below you can find all ReConnected Participants, by year, starting with this year's.


 Meet the 2018 ReConnect Hungary Participants 



jordyn barone


Jordyn Barone, 27

5th gen from Princeton, NJ

Collections Inventory

Specialist in Washington D.C.


sarah carroll


Sarah Carroll21 

4th gen from Allentown, PA

Student at University of

Florida (FL)


mark czeiser


Mark Czeisler21

3rd gen from Newton, MA

Student at Harvard

University (MA)


michelle fodros


Michelle Fordos21

3rd gen from Cleveland, Ohio

Student at University of

Cincinnati (OH)


madison fritz


Madison Fritz20

4th gen from Bismarck, ND;

Student at Rollins College (FL)


ivey cage


Ivey Gage22

4th gen from Orlando, FL
Intern at Marriott Hotels in
Orlando (FL)


victoria johnston


Victoria Johnston22

3rd gen from Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Student at Saint Mary's University 
of Minnesota (MN)


brianna lane


Brianna Lane, 18

3rd gen from Toronto, Canada
Student at the University of 
Toronto (Canada)


jennifer ligeti


Jennifer Ligeti26

2nd gen from New York, NY
Associate at Marriott in Orlando (FL)


manx magyar


Manx Magyar, 27

4th gen from Boston, MA
Video producer in East 
Sandwich (MA)


camille sony


Camille Sonny23

4th gen from Oceanside, CA
Student at the University of 
Arizona (AZ)








 Meet the 2017 ReConnect Hungary Participants 


susan csonka


Susanne Csonka, 28

2nd gen from Indiana;
Social worker in Chicago


colin cundy


Colin Cundy24 

4th gen from Maine;
Media student at USM


allison dempsey


Allison Dempsey28

4th gen from Mass.;
Hospital administrator in NYC


andrew dempsey


Andrew Dempsey24

4th gen from Mass.;
Computer scientist in
San Francisco


arabella dowell


Arabella Dowell21

2nd gen from Washington;
Student at WSU


noah farberman


Noah Farberman19

4th gen from Mass.;
Computer scientist in
San Francisco


michelle fogel


Michelle Fogel,18 

2nd gen from Michigan;
Engineering student at Purdue University


michael hajzer


Micheal Hajzer, 26

2nd gen from Conn.;
Machinist in Connecticut


nick hegyi


Nick Hegyi,28 

4th gen from Indiana;
Quality engineer in Pennsylvania


katlyn kurowsky


Kaitlyn Kurowski, 25

4th gen from Illinois;
Business analyst in Chicago


serene mikler


Serene Mikler,19 

3rd gen from Kansas;
Student in KS


alden mohacsi


Alden Mohacsi, 20

3rd gen from Long Island;
Student at Dickinson College, PA


andrew mohacsi


Andrew Mohacsi,20 

2nd gen from Long Island;
Accounting student at CUNY Baruch


caitlyn molnar


Caitlyn Molnar, 23

4th gen from Georgia;
Animation student at SCAD, Savannah


avery nagy


Avery Nagy-MacArthur,24 

3rd gen from Nova Scotia;
Wildlife biologist in NS


lily nagy


Lily Nagy-MacArthur, 24

3rd gen from Nova Scotia;
Interpreter in NS


libby polak


Libby Polak,28 

2nd gen from Brooklyn;
Liberal arts student at BMCC, Manhattan


andrew romanov


Andrew Romanov, 24

4th gen from Arizona;
Communications specialist in NYC


elizaveth vos


Elizabeth Vos,22 

5th gen from New York;
New media student at Concordia, NY


dia windhoffer


Dia Windhoffer, 24

1st gen from Maryland;
Wildlife biologist in Louisiana