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Customized, mutually beneficial partnerships allow us and our partners to achieve common goals.

More and more clubs, societies and institutions across the U.S. and Canada are joining us as partners since we began our Connected Organization outreach in 2016.

These partnerships allow us and our Partners to achieve common goals, such as promoting ReConnect Hungary and infusing our partners with fresh energy through ReConnected Participant volunteers. Among our partners are:

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Featured Connected Organization

Dia Windhoffer (RH’17), Volunteer at Árpádhon Hungarian Settlement, LA

Less than a week after returning from her birthright trip, Dia Windhoffer went to the Hungarian Heritage Day in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, held by her volunteer organization, Árpádhon Hungarian Settlement, the oldest Hungarian settlement in the U.S. As part of her volunteering tasks, she will start a Facebook page for the Hungarian Settlement Historical Society to give the community a stronger social media presence. She has also been asked to help translate old letters that were written to one of the founders of the settlement and will be displayed in the museum the Historical Society is planning to open soon.

Sarah Carroll, RH ‘18

The program helped me not only to come close to my ancestry, but find myself and a path for my future...

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Mark Czeisler, RH'18

ReConnect Hungary is a fantastic way for young adults of Hungarian heritage to learn.

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Madison Fritz, RH'18

The program provides a network of Hungarian people, who can all share something.

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