about this program
ReConnect Hungary is a unique cultural, educational and social immersion program in Hungary for young adults aged 18-28 of Hungarian heritage, born in the U.S. or Canada. Every Summer, a group of individually selected young Hungarian-Americans begins a two-week journey of rediscovery to learn about their Hungarian roots in a totally different and new way. Gain a deeper understanding of your Hungarian heritage while enjoying a living culture!

"I don't speak any Hungarian. Am I eligible for ReConnect Hungary? Will I enjoy it?"

"My ancestry is only distantly Hungarian, do I qualify?"

"What is the cost of the program and what does it cover?"

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the organizers
ReConnect Hungary - Hungarian Birthright Program is a public-private partnership supported by Hungarian American and Canadian organizations and the Government of Hungary.

ReConnect Hungary – Hungarian Birthright Program
120 East 90th Street #5D
New York, NY 10128
1-844-4MAGYAR (462-4927)

Hungarian Register
hungarians in the US
Scratch the surface of an American, and you'll quickly find the Hungarian connection—at most two (not six) degrees of separation. We have contributed to practically every thread in the fabric of America. We live dispersed in impressive numbers in every state, the majority descendants of second, third, fourth and fifth generation immigrants. We hear bits and pieces, fragmentary echoes about our origins; maybe our heart skips a beat when we notice the word "Hungarian" in a newspaper.