Meet the First ReConnect Hungary Alumni President and Vice Presidents

We are pleased to announce that the first ​ Alumni ​ President of the program has been selected: Marie Eszenyi, 26, of Harrisonburg, VA completed the program in 2014. She will be graduating with a Masters in ​Communication and ​Advocacy from James Madison University in the spring and pursuing a Ph.D. in Critical/​Cultural ​ Studies. “I am very excited to be working with the ReConnect ​Hungary Program as it prepares for its next year of trips,” says Marie.

Assisting ​ the new Alumni President will be:

Vice President for the United States Danni Baxter (‘14). Danni, 22, who is currently working in New York City, says​ : “I am very excited to begin my work as alumni VP of the US. I can't wait to see the program grow and to see other young adults benefit from this amazing program as I did.”

Vice President for Canada Emma Nagy-Menegazzo (’13). Emma, 23, of Montreal says “I am very excited to have been chosen for the position of Alumni Vice President of Canada, where we already have seven alumni. I look forward to working with the ReConnect Hungary Team in making the trips to follow as memorable as my experience was, and to meeting all of the new Alumni and future participants.”

From left to right: Marie Eszenyi, Danni Baxter, Emma Nagy-Menegazzo


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