the application process


Determine if you meet the eligibility requirements

Participants must be of Hungarian heritage.

Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 26 and have a high school diploma.

Participants must be either U.S. or Canadian citizens.

Participants must not have lived in Hungary past the age of 12.


Fill out the online application and submit it by the deadline specified.

What you will need to upload with your application:

Passport-type, high quality current photo for publicity materials;

Two recommendation letters;

Copy of high school diploma or current year college transcript;

A 1,000-word essay on "My Hungarian Roots," which is a personal statement describing why you should be selected to participate in the program, as well as your Hungarian background, community involvement (if any), what you expect to gain from the experience, and how you plan to contribute to the positive image of Hungarians, and the Hungarian-American community specifically, upon your return (in .doc, .rtf or .docx format).


Selection of participants

Reconnect Hungary is a unique cultural immersion program. As such, the number of participants is limited per trip to ensure an optimal experience. After meeting eligibility requirements, participants will be selected on a first-come first-served basis and the strength of their recommendations and written essays. Your percentage of Hungarian ancestry is not a factor! Final selections will be subject to a telephone interview with the ReConnect Hungary team. The participants selected for the trip will be informed by email in April. (Once all places are taken, additional qualified participants will be given priority for the next trip, as long as they still meet the age requirement next year.) Once selected, you will be asked to submit the $1,300 (which includes a $300 non-refundable deposit), and you will receive a timeline, along with a contract to be signed, which covers the terms of the program and rules of conduct during the trip.


Online orientation course

You and the other selected participants will begin an online orientation course. You'll get a multi-media introduction to Hungarian accomplishments, history, culture and language. There will be required reading material consisting of a recommended travel book, language primer (100 basic word list), fictional works, and a biography of a famous Hungarian. Throughout your orientation, you will be asked to submit short written commentaries on the material presented and interface with your fellow participants. Participation in the course is mandatory.

The day before your flight from New York to Budapest, all participants will meet up in New York City. There, you'll be welcomed by ReConnect's Ambassador, Allison Pataki, and her father, former New York State Governor George Pataki, ReConnect Hungary's Patron. We will all share a dinner and overnight in New York City.