the application process


Determine if you meet the eligibility requirements

Participants must be of Hungarian heritage.

Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 28 and have a high school diploma.

Participants must be either U.S. or Canadian citizens.

Participants must not have lived in Hungary past the age of 12.


Collect the following supporting materials:

High quality current headshot for publicity materials (medium close-up photograph showing the top of the shoulders up to above the head, 300 pixels per inch);

Two recommendation letters (professional or personal, addressing your suitability for the program);

Copy of high school/college diploma or current year college transcript;

A video essay in which you describe:
• your Hungarian background (who in your family is Hungarian)
• the first time you realized you were Hungarian
• your experiences of being Hungarian in North America
• your current involvement in the Hungarian-American community (if any)
• how you plan to give back to the Hungarian-American community and promote the program upon your return
• the reason you should be selected for the program

A written essay (max. 1,000 words) about one of the following Hungarian films:
• Children of Glory (Szabadság, szerelem), 2006, Krisztina Goda
• Sunshine (A napfény íze), 1999, István Szabó
• Control (Kontroll), 2003, Nimród Antal

Please reflect on the subject matter of the film, what effect it had on you personally, and what you learned about the Hungarian experience and your Hungarian identity.

A written essay (max. 1,000 words) about one of the following topics:
A significant event in Hungarian history: select one and explore the event’s implications for Hungarian society and its impact on different aspects of Hungarian culture: Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian Basin - 895; Battle of Mohács – 1526; Hungarian War of Independence - 1848; Treaty of Trianon - 1920; Hungarian Revolution - 1956; Fall of Communism – 1989.
Hungarian diaspora communities in the world (including those who emigrated to other countries, and those who are autochthonous to their homeland in Hungary’s seven neighboring countries): examine the sociological, political and economic factors that led to the development of this phenomenon.
Hungaricums: select five, including food and non-food-related items, and explicate their role in shaping Hungarian culture.
Notable Hungarian inventors in North America: select one and describe his/her personal history, as well as his/her invention and its impact on society.

Before you start the application process, make sure you have all supporting materials ready for submission


Select your alumni obligations

By participating in the ReConnect Hungary program, you commit to fulfilling certain alumni obligations as detailed in our Terms & Conditions. These obligations include mentoring a future participant; assisting with promotion and publicity; organizing a local meet-up; procuring sponsorship for the Program; organizing/attending at least one ReConnect Hungary fundraising or publicity event; actively participating in the ReConnect Hungary Alumni Group on Facebook and regularly posting in social media; organizing an alumni event; volunteering in your local Hungarian community or in a national Hungarian organization; forming a Hungarian Club at your school or assuming active leadership in an existing one; or completing the coursework for at least one year in a Hungarian language class. Furthermore, on your application form you have to select a task force with specific responsibilities which you will be required to fulfill and submit quarterly written reports on. The task forces are as follows:

Promotions, Publicity, Marketing, Social Media
• Promote the program and recruit applicants in conventional and novel ways, in various venues, across all media and platforms (e.g., high school guidance counselors, college scholarship departments, libraries, bulletin boards).
• Design and disseminate new promotional materials, including items and gear for sale.
• Get in touch with local media (TV, radio, Internet, print) and offer them content, an interview, or prepare a PSA they can air/print.
• Represent the Program at Hungarian festivals.

Fundraising and Sponsorship Drive
• Organize fundraising events benefiting the Program, such as alumni telethon, crowd-funding campaign, dining for a cause at restaurants.
• Convince an existing Hungarian event to donate part of its proceeds to the Program.
• Encourage employer matching contributions on the part of family and friends.
• Research grant opportunities for educational/cultural programs like ours.
• Convince local businesses or organizations to be a program sponsor in exchange for publicity in our promotional materials and online.
• Get a business to offer the Program a percentage of profit from a sale or service.
• Encourage a business or organization to sponsor the full cost of one, or a specific, participant.

Alumni Relations and Local Meetups
• Organize an informational event about the Program in a local venue such as a library, campus, popular hang-out.
• Form a local regular meet-up event for peers.
• Assist the class president. Organize alumni events locally and nationally. Keep alumni involved.
• Post weekly on RH Alumni FB page and the main, public RH Facebook page. Regularly post on social media about Hungarian-related issues, events, etc.

Forming/Joining a Hungarian Club on Your Campus
• Assume active leadership if one already exists. Form a new club if one does not exist.


Fill out the online application, upload your supporting materials, pay a $25 application fee online and submit it by the deadline, December 31, 2016.


Complete “Essentials of Hungary: A Primer and Introduction” online course

You and the other selected participants will take our online course moderated by a program assistant in our New York office that will give you a multimedia introduction to basic Hungarian facts, accomplishments, history, culture and language. Throughout the course, you will explore several current-day topics in small groups, and you will be encouraged to interface with your fellow participants. Completion of the course is mandatory. Failure to complete the course will result in your elimination from the Program.