Alumni testimonials

"Reconnect Hungary was both the trip of a lifetime and the start of something new. I cannot say enough good things about the program and would encourage anyone who is thinking about participating to do so. I feel a strengthened sense of ownership of the Hungarian spirit…."
David Bell, 26, Michigan

"ReConnect made me understand my country's history a little better and made me proud to be a Hungarian. Experiencing all this with other Hungarian-Americans was wonderful and created a sense of community."
Alexandra Makk, 21, Hawaii

"ReConnect Hungary was a program that claimed to be a birthright… but was really so much more. I could never have imagined that I would be embarking on a journey that was so richly educational, personal and incredibly fun."
Adam Molnár, 21, New York

"My family has always been proud of our Hungarian origin, but now – thanks to the ReConnect Hungary program – my Hungarian identity was strengthened. I even consider continuing my studies at a Hungarian university after graduating from college. I am very grateful to all the organizers and supporters for allowing me to participate in this unforgettable program." Peter Takács, 19, New Jersey

"ReConnect provides a unique prospective through guides who grew up in Hungary, allowing us to get a more in-depth learning experience. I've learned how important it is to keep culture and tradition alive.... My parents made a point to not only raise me Hungarian but also American. These traditions are not at odds but harmoniously exist within me and make me who I am – I am very proud to be both, and this trip further solidified my Hungarian identity."
Monika Mohácsi, 20, New York

"The reason I recommend this program to other young Hungarian-Americans is because it is a great way to experience the country your family came from and it allows you to better understand their customs. The most important thing I have learned on my ReConnect Hungary journey is that I should be very proud of my heritage."
Kathleen Horan, 27, New Jersey

"I am very grateful I was chosen to be a part of the 2013 Reconnect Hungary group. If I could do the ReConnect program all over again, I would. I plan on getting dual citizenship, and I had no idea I could do that until this program. Now that I reconnected with my Magyar roots, I definitely want to go back to visit Hungary very soon."
Avigail Tóth, 27, New York

"I think it is important to support ReConnect Hungary and make the journey possible for other young people, because everyone should be able to connect to their heritage before it gets lost through generations."
Karen Alldridge, 21, Arizona

"I loved seeing the place my grandmother grew up and now I understand why she spoke so fondly of it.... ReConnect`s impact varies immensely on each individual. Everyone from my group has walked away with something different…. I definitely feel reconnected to my Hungarian side now."
Lenore Bawden, 21, Ontario

"This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have never felt more at home than being in this beautiful country, Hungary. I think that every young Hungarian should experience this wonderful program."
Emma Nagy-Menegazzo, 21, Quebec

"It is a unique opportunity to experience Hungary in a way that most people never get the chance to do. The best part is that you get to know other young Hungarian-Americans like yourself, from various parts of the country. During the trip you also meet Hungarians of your age who are very friendly and welcoming." Elizabeth Tóth, 21, Florida

"This program has the potential to be a great life-changing experience for young people. Hungary has a wealth of cultural, historical and culinary treasures that should be experienced more broadly!"
Madeline Birkner, 24, Pennsylvania

"ReConnect is a unique program in that it allows disconnected Hungarian youths to find that lost part of themselves. It is essentially a crash course in being Hungarian….You can be full, half, a quarter, or a sixteenth – it doesn't matter how much Hungarian is in your blood. It's how Hungarian you feel. After this trip I feel like a very proud Hungarian." Joanna Birkner, 20, Pennsylvania

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