Alumni testimonials

"A great way to explore your culture in a way that simply traveling to Hungary would never allow… You'll get a completely unique take on the country and its culture… You won't regret it."
McKenzie Fritz, 18, Pennsylvania

"Everyone wants to know where they came from. This program is perfect for getting to see the best of Hungary in a short period of time. The most important lesson is that we should always stay in touch with our ancestral land. It's a part of us and we should teach our children where we came from."
Vivien Illa, 22, Quebec, Canada

"The best part of the ReConnect Hungary journey is getting to know the other participants, laughing and having a great time. Getting in touch with your roots helps you define yourself, especially in the U.S. where everyone is so different. There are so many great opportunities in this program that you only come across once in a lifetime."
Samantha Vanderburgh, 18, Ohio

"The opportunity of a lifetime… to fill the gap in my cultural identity. I hope to stay active in the program and inspire other Hungarian-American youth to connect with their heritage."
Sophia Gottfried-Fischler, 19, New Jersey

"The most moving experience for me was that [Prime Minister] Orbán Viktor was late for his duties because he was talking to us and taking pictures. The most important thing I've learned is that putting yourself out of your comfort zone can bring great new experiences and people into your life."
Victoria Vass, 18, Ontario, Canada

"The best part of the ReConnect Hungary journey is the variety of programs. Each day you learn something new about the country. We are millions around the world with a Hungarian background and it's important to stick together and try to maintain this wonderful country's history alive."
Veronika Nagy, 22, Quebec, Canada

"Everything was so well-organized that it allowed us to definitely absorb all that we could about our heritage. The most moving experience for me was that even though I didn't grow up within the culture, I feel connected and really comfortable with it. I loved how connected I felt to many of the people in Hungary."
Betty Roos, 24, California

"The program actually does 'reconnect' you to your heritage. Before this program I had no idea how rich and vibrant Hungary and Hungarians are."
Mara Jefferies, 19, New Jersey

"This program is the ideal first step for reconnecting with your heritage. In just 2 weeks you learn so much vital information on history, culture and language that is relevant to you. The most moving experience for me was preparing a meal on the farm that we visited. My Hungarian grandparents started a farm in Pennsylvania. Being on an authentic farm brought back great memories. Hungary has not forgotten the Diaspora community. Hungary welcomes back its fellow people with open arms." Jonathan Naser, 19, Pennsylvania

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